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What a Wonderful Weird

Weird is wonderful. Why? Because it’s different to others and it stands out from the crowd. But it should not only different just for the sake of it.  If it could be more useful and better, why not? That’s what makes weird is so wonderful. And it’s truly something we all need to cultivate.
Wonderful weird manifests everywhere around us and it takes any form. Being weird means being noticeably different or unique. It means being or doing something that makes other people stare, or laugh, applaud, or boo. It really surprises us and make us think: “Oh that’s weird but that’s also wonderful.” 
There are a lot of bizarre innovative products out there. Those simple unique stuffs are the proof of a very thin line between being crazy and ingenious. They might look a little bit weird but practically hilarious to use.  
Let’s enjoy many kind of these wonderful weird product innovations. Hopefully these all will encourage us to be weird in a wonderful way. What a wonderful weird!

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