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Get 5-Blades Herb Scissors for Faster & Safe Cutting!

Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art. Just like painting art, the cooking flavors are the colors. That’s why it has soul to bring to the recipe. It’s actually the art of adjusment. It’s how you combine them that sets you apart. And who said that cooking days have to be boring and serious business? Those days are no more. There are so many fun and clever kitchen tools to choose to help you there. 

Take a close look at this unusual blade design featuring a set of five, sharp 3″ stainless steel blades. It’s fully combined into the form of a 5-blades scissor. It  allows you to cut, chop or mince herbs directly into a cooking pan or over a plate for garnishing. It can help you save time while cooking as it cuts herbs five times as fast. It might be different in the appearance, but it’s equal other kitchen cutting tools inside. It cuts the herbs perfectly. It hass ergonomic design and soft grip rubber handles. It’s also equipped by a double purpose blade cover with cleaning comb for a hassle-free clean up and safe storage.

This innovative Herb Scissors prevent you using a knife that could cut your fingers. Train your mind to see the good in every new thing. The passion for weird invention is really unstoppable.  What a wonderful weird!

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