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Arrrgh... Nessie Monster Protruding from Your Soup Pot!

Hello folklore lovers! Have you ever heard of the mysterious mythology of Loch Ness? It’s a large, deep, freshwater loch or lake located in the Scottish Highland. The place is thought by some as the home to mysterious freshwater-dwelling megafauna or unknown aquatic monster called “Nessie”. It’s described as large-size horrifying water creature with long neck protruding from the water. Whether it’s real or merely imagination, the legend is still alive.

For cooking enthusiasts: beware of a Nessie or Loch Ness monster coming out of your deepest pot! Well, it seems that the Nessie’s been diving into your favorite delectable hot creamy soup. Crafted from 100% nylon, this fantastic Nessie Soup Ladle by Ototo is truly food-safe. This cute monster comes in colorful handy size. Wow! Look at its little nub feet! Aren’t they so cute? These cute feet will keep it upright in your pot.

It’s a novelty yet practical kitchen tool. Yes, this wonderful weird will tickle sense of humor on the toughest cook’s face. Even your kids will giggle around it before enjoying the soup. Healthy smile is spreading out of your kitchen. This cutest Loch Ness monster might be the most kitchenware to own. So, own on and you’ll understand. What a wonderful weird!

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