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Get a Desk Cup Holder and Stop Making A Mess with Your Drink!

You can’t buy happiness, but certainly you can buy a cup of hot drink and that’s pretty close. A hot drink on a cold or hectic day is like a warm hug from inside. Keep calm and sipping a bit of it may energize your mood of doing something. Everything gets better with a cup of hot drink. Be it coffee, chocolate, or tea. Perhaps you also need to take a look out of the window, refreshing your tired mind. But be more careful of leaving alone your cup of hot drink for a little while with scattered papers on your desk. It’s truly no use of crying over the spilt... hot drink!

Certainly a place that will not get you into distressing trouble. Don’t be scared of spilling your drink all over your working papers, laptop or cell phone. Leave your cup of hot drink to this clip-on Desk Cup Holder. Made of high quality plastic, it can adapt to a range of different diameter cup. The clip or clamp is quite strong and secure. It comes in wonderful choice of random colors. It can be easily fixed in any table edge firmly to hold your drink.

Now you can easily have a cup holder on your desk with these clip on desk cup holders. No longer must you place your drink on top of your desk, dirtying the glass, warping the wooden top, or risking knocking over and spilling your precious things accidentally. This Desk Cup Holder seems to be a great working partner for you. If your working desk covered by all kind of stuffs, it can save more space on your working desk effectively. 


This Desk Cup Holder clip is worth owning, either for home or office use. Feel the great convenient it brings. Now you can drink with confidence while keep on working. At first, it seems weird but finally it looks awesome. Weird is truly a side- effect of awesome. What a wonderful weird!

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