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Cherish Your Teeth-Brushing Moment!

Happiness is your baby’s first tooth. A joyful and tangible sign that your baby is growing up. Your precious little angel has a new way of smile decorated with that tiny tooth. It’s the most precious sight engulfs your days. That’s why keeping your child’ teeth healthy will be a wonderful duty to fulfill.

Caring for your kid’s teeth is an important part of keeping their bodies healthy. At least about two minutes twice a day. But getting the kids to brush their teeth everyday can be a bit of a chore. How to make brushing teeth a fun habit? Thanks to the passion of inventing this cute toothpaste cap. A small thing that enlighten the activity of brushing teeth to be a fantastic moment. 

This toothpaste cap fits most standard tubes and available in many cute characters. Meet the cute Pete Dog, Oscar Cat, Bubble Fish, and rex Dinosaur.  It’s  perfectly easy to put on the toothpaste tube. Directly squeeze the toothpaste tube and let it comes out of the character’s mouth and onto your kid’s toothbrush. It’s also easy to clean with warm water.

Replace their boring old toothpaste cap with these cute little animal heads. Watch how motivated your children become to brush their teeth. They will be excited to brush their teeth with the help from their adorable new cute mates! Let them have fun in the bathroom.  This exciting toothpaste cap is a great and simple product to encourage teeth brushing among the kids. Even super heroes have to brush their teeth. What a wonderful weird!

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