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Share The Joy of Eating Pizza with Fixie Pizza Cutter!

A slice a day keeps the sadness away! It's true that you can't buy happiness. But surely you can buy a box of pizza and that's kind of the same thing. There’s no better feeling in the world than a box of warm mouth-watering pizza on your lap. What’s not to love about this Italian food? Other foods, you only eat. But this pizza, you enjoy the experience. That’s why pizza is served and eaten in different ways. And each bite has its own story to share.

Of course size does matters. No one wants a small bite of delicious pizza. Are you truly a  pizza lover? Are you also an avid cyclist? Let’s make both a truly perfect combo with this single-speed Fixie Pizza Cutter.  Riding through the delicious terrain of a cheesy warm pizza could become the next best activity for you once you have this Fixie Pizza Cutter.

Bring your slice servings to the next gear with this two-wheeled pizza slicer, designed to look like your beloved Fixie. Its design looks attractive and available in two striking color combos: bumblebee (Yellow & Black) and watermelon (Pink & Blue). It also comes in a handy stand making it’s easy to use. Its sturdy kickstand makes it cuts the pizza really well. What else to wait? Cut it best and enjoy the rest.

Now you can slice your delicious pizza like a hipster with this two-wheeled wonderful cutter. It’s a quick and easy clean-up meal. And the way you uniquely cut and enjoy the pizza could be saying a ton about you. Enjoying pizza in a modern sporty style. Happiness is truly a slice of mouth-watering pizza. What a wonderful weird!

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