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Get A Deadly Serious Murder Ink Sticky Note

Have you ever wonder what is actually the thing that inspires every wonderful weird innovation? Sometimes the weird inspiration suits our sense of humor perfectly while also giving quirky effect. Wake up and smell the inspiration. Open your mind and great inspiration is only ahead to come. But always keep in mind that the secret of getting ahead is getting started. Go directly in the direction of your inspiration. Take the moment and make it perfect. Because genius is actually one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent action.

Even murder can be a great source of inspiration. It might be true that some people are only alive because it is ilegal to murder. It might also be true that if we’re killing time, it’s not a murder. As a matter of fact, it’s a lot easier mentally murder people we don’t like. We may look calm but in our head we’ve killed someone 3 times. Is that a murder? That’s why never mistake someone’s silence for weakness, No one plan a murder out loud. Even murder mysteries are puzzles that are exciting to resolve.

Just take a look at this Murder Ink sticky note pad. It comes complete with blood spattered pen. The paper is perfectly good quality and the sticky side adheres well. There's plenty of sheets on the pad and the pen rests securely in the hole, leaving it accessible. If your daily life is worth living, it’s worth recording. Make a note and you’ll be surprised with the impact. Ha ha ha... look on people’s face when you write them a note! 

To be inspired is great while to inspire is incredible. This simple novelty item is truly a fantastic gag gift to set on desk and worth a double take! It takes the murder issue in serious fun. Do you want to try it for a letter of resignation? What a wonderful werid!

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