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Say Goodbye to Tangled Cables with the Mark Brothers Cable Labels

Ho ho ho…. Beware of electrical hazard.  Have you take a look at all those cables hanging behind any desk of either your entertainment sets at home or office desktop computer? Crawling around under your desk trying to rearrange the cables? Have youever got frustated identifying what cables go where? And how to clean up this rat’s nest of cables? You’d better found the best ways to get your cables under control. The cords management tricks that ease your hectic life.

Mark Each Brother

Don’t get tangled up in the confusing field of electronic cables. It’s time to get help for your cable confusion. Label your cables. Own these mighty little squads – the Mark Brothers Cable Labels! Equipped with both blank and ready-made stickers, the will perfectly cling on any standard cable. You only need to mark each brother or write the name of an appliance on the little face and attach it to the corresponding cable. These little cute circus acrobatic figures swinging on the cable look fun and practical. It helps you easily identify to which device each cable belongs.

Put Each Lable on Each Cable

This set of cable labels will make sure that you’ll never unplug the wrong lead again. You also get a clean and uncluttered home or office. These wonderful little guys are truly helpful cable management solutions. What a wonderful weird!

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