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Have a Nice Tea with The Otter Tea Infuser

It’s tea time! The aspect of tea-drinking as in traditional Chinese culture is related to relaxation and nature. Most modern people use tea bags if they want to drink some tea on the run. But if you’re a true tea lover and you really want to enjoy the good stuff, then it must be loose tea leaf or nothing. 

Your loose tea leaf will need this cute little otter tea infuser. Simply crack his frail body open in the middle and pour in your tea using a spoon. Smash his body back together and attach him to your cup of mug and pour in your hot water. The bottom half of the otter is filled with holes so that the hot water can come in and infuse with your tea yet keep the tea from ever leaving the otter's body.

Just take a look at this cute little otter grasping onto the side of your mug. Witness your tea leaf infusing and forming a wonderful tea flavor. Consider the role that tea can play, it can slow you down in a modern world that doesn't allow you to slow down. It gives you time to compose yourself and achieve a little poise in a world full of haste and worry. What a wonderful weird!

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