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Enjoy a Refreshing Day with Watermelon Keg Tap!

Hello Summer. The Summer is perfectly loading. Every summer has its own story.So what’s your story? Are you thinking of a truly refreshing Summer drink? Watermelon can be the best choice for Summer drink. When someone has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat.

Tap this watermelon with a Watermelon Keg Tap. It’s an easy-to-use kit that turns this refreshing fruit into an all-natural keg tap. The kit includes a faucet handle, 3” shank and coring tool. All you have to do is simply slicing the bottom off the fruit to create a level base. When inserted into the fruit, the shank and faucet-combo dispenses its tasty contents in a steady stream. This fun and easy tapping kit lets you turn a watermelon into a delicious drink tap. It allows you to savor every last morsel of the sweet watermelon.
This Watermelon Keg Tap is a cheap solution to satisfy a group of drinkers in your summer party or picnic. And Summer always ends with good memories. A year without Summer is like a life without love. What a wonderful weird!   

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