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Bald-Headed Einstein: A Genius Magnetic Paper Clip Holder.

Got a paper clip? It’s clipper for the papers! It’s probably what paper was made for. The main use of paper clips is to clip pieces of papers together. But there are absolutely many more interesting things to do with them. It’s small but truly resourceful. The most amazing paper clip hack tricks were performed by McGyver, the hit television series in the late 80's. An optimistic action hero that was notable for using Swiss Army knife, duct tape and a paper clip instead of a firearm. He hot-wired a car, picked the lock, and even shorted out a missile timer only with a bent paper clip. The paper clip has found many uses in life.

What a wondrous paper clip! Never underestimate its potential again. Keep your precious paper clips save on your working desk. How long do you spend your time sitting in front of your working desk everyday? At least 8 hours a day and it can be so draining. It's even worse when your space is cluttered with messy paper clips scattered around your desk! Start making them well-arranged and looks fun to ease your hectic days. Just a little imagination may lead to genius perfection. 

Imagination will take you everywhere, starting from the paper clips on your working desk. Get a kick out of the Einstein look with this genius magnetic bald-headed paper clips holder! Keep your precious paper clips on this genius bald-head. It is fun to look at this awesome genius face every day on your working desk. The magnet can hold plenty of paper clips. You can also have fun creating a crafty hairstyle of your own style, while keeping your paperclips safe and well-organized on your working desk. 

The icon of genius for all time is now adding a little laughter on your working desk. Not only tidy up your work space, it may encourage you to never lose the holy curiosity. This funny look will also tickle your smile whenever you look at it.  It’s truly a fun stuff for your desk accessories. Own one and start having fun. What a wonderful weird!

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