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Release the Cooking Steam with Lid Sid Saucepan Lifters

Happiness is... watching the man of your life excitingly cooking for you. Let him put passion and imagination on the recipe. Cooking is truly love made visible. It seems like your kitchen is seasoned with love. But think of it again. Do you really entrust your clean kitchen to your man? Don’t you feel a bit scared of him making a mess in your kitchen? Take your a deep breath for a while. Actually, not all men are useless and careless in the kitchen. See this little-man-shaped cute kitchen device called The Lid Sid Saucepan Lifter.

This Lid Sid Saucepan Lifter  is a very handy little dude to have around when you’re speding your precious time cooking. He lets off a little steam by lifting a bit of the pan lid. Just pop the Lid Sid over the side of your pan and under the lid to give the contents some air. It will prevent the contents from boiling over. The Lid Sid is available in red and white colors in each pack. This each silicone-made Lid Sid measures 1.5 inches tall x 1,75 inches wide. He’s truly the perfect man in your the kitchen! Gone are the days when you have to precariously ballance the lid on the side of your pan just to release a little steam.

Life is like a pressure cooker at home. Sometimes you’ve gotta let off a little steam to keep from blowing your top. You can make it happen or just let it happen. It never gets easier. You just get better. True happiness is truly home-made. What a wonderful weird!

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