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Be a Nocturnal with Flexible USB LED Light!

It’s already passed midnight. You're so tired but you'll probably be awake until 2 AM for you have to do something revealing the best of you. All the good stuff happen after midnight. Even Cinderella has her midnight. So, you turn on your digital gadgets for midnight surfing or blogging. Imagine if a cool portable little lamp is fully attached to your laptop or smartphone when the lights suddenly go down. This little lamp keeps you going with what you’re doing. It’s compact and very light weight.

This stylish LED light is perfect for reading, working, traveling and much more! It comes with bendable light body which is capable for multiple usage. Small stature with soft shade to avoid direct LED discomfort, more effective protection of eyesight for your convenient. It is a plug and play energy saving, small enough to take anywhere. It fits into your case as easily as it fits your lifestyle. USB bus powered, no external adapter or batteries needed. Just plug it in USB port and it will light up immediately.



A glittering light in the dark is what makes us see the stars in the night sky. Never fear shadows. They simply mean there is some light near by. This flexible USB LED light enables you to enjoy nocturnal lifestyle. What a wonderful weird!

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