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Once Upon A Time... A Butterfly was Trapped in Spider Web. Got A Story?

Life is a story. Behind every little thing lies a story. What does yours say? If you don't turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else's story. Pick up words and tell us your story. Words are how we think while stories are are how we link. We all have stories to tell. Even these 3 set of drinking glasses have their own stories. Where it goes from here or where it finally ends is totally up to you, the owner of the drinking glasses. You really have the power to say how your story worth telling.

These 3 drinking glasses have different sizes. Each glass is simply decorated with a printed character of Butterfly, Spider, and Spider Web. If all three glasses are put on top of each other, they will perfectly form a unique connected decoration. It seems that the spider is eagerly approaching a hopeless butterfly getting caught in the spider web. Get inspired by this beautiful art? What's the perfect story for this? You're the story teller! Create your own and share it with other people.

These drinking glasses are sure to spark fun conversation at any breakfast table. Everyone will be challenged to make his/her own imaginative story about the fate of butterfly in the spider web. It really brings more pleasure to your drinking time. It's a fun thing that lets you make your fun stories. Great stories happen to those who can tell them. But remember that life is too short for a long story. What a wonderful weird!

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