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Prehistoric Pastasaurus Server Calling All Spaghetti Lovers

Who doesn't love spaghetti? Do you want to eat spaghetti like an Italian? Most Italians eat spaghetti by twirling it with a fork, turning it into a small nest. It allows them to capture other ingredients like nuts or capers which are blended into the pasta dish. The trick is to eat them right so you don't make a big mess. Don't worry so much about slurping. Different cultures have different ways of eating spaghetti, though.

Imagine if you have to share your delicious slippery spaghetti with a cute prehistoric dinosaur. This mighty Pastasaurus has appeared on earth, truly hunger for your mouth-watering spaghetti. The pasta-snaring teeth are specifically designed for grabbing slippery spaghetti, while the ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortable lean grip. It's truly a prehistoric perfection packaged on a peg-gable blister! 

Everyone at the table will surely love the fun design of this fossilized dinosaur head. This amazing Pastasaurus pasta server will also add something nice to your kitchen utensils collection. What a truly wonderful weird to own!

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