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Beware of Colorful Cute Snail Creeping into Your Tea Cup!

Got tea? A cup of tea makes everything better. While there is tea, there is hope. You can’t buy happiness but you surely can buy a cup of tea, and that’s pretty close to it. That’s why tea is always a good idea. Take a little time for tea. Hmm… life is like a cup of tea. It’s all in how you make it. So keep calm and put the kettle on. 

How many times have you accidentally shoved your tea bag into your hot water filled cup? This cute snail will prevent your teabag from falling into your cup or mug. Just wrap the tea bag string around the snail at least once and it hold firmly in place.

It helps you carry tea bag wires with its coiled shell. It’s made of soft grippy silicone material and comes in a variety of candy colors. It’s an adorable tiny item with cute snail design. It’s easy to use and clean.

It could also be used to mark tea cups when you have a small tea party at home. Each person will have a different color snail attached to the lip of the tea cup. That way, no one will take the wrong cup and drink from another person. Well, everyone attending your party will have quite a chuckle out of these. What a wonderful weird!

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