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Beware of Titanic Vessel Sinking on Your Desk!

Do you remember the Titanic movie? It’s a blockbuster epic romance disaster movie based on the facts of the famous tragic story of Titanic sinking.  It's one of the highest-grossing movie of all time. As one of the biggest ship to stay afloat at that time, Titanic tragedy becomes one of the greatest peacetime maritime disasters in history. Be an eyewitness of the epic Titanic sinking scene in the ocean!  But now your own desk will be the wild ocean. Because that Titanic ship is actually a Pencil Cup & Stationary Holder created by Luka Or, the Israeli product designer.

Perfectly designed as if the base of this pencil cup & stationary holder appears to be half sinking into the desk. It will sit slanted on a flat surface. But sorry to say, instead of finding Leonardo DiCaprio or KateWinslet there, you will only meet pencils, paper clips, or other stationary items in the sinking cup.  It gives functional and artistic appeal.

The Titanic pencil cup holder measures 12 x 8 x 8.5 cm and is sold with paper clips. It is available in a range of three colors’: red, charcoal and white. It is a little way to add fun to your hectic job desk. It is also a perfect birthday or office holiday party gift for your co-workers. Because we all know you can't just walk into the office holiday party empty-handed. Best suggestion: never put iceberg on your job desk. What a wonderful weird!

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