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Bring Smile to Your Dinner Table with Jumpin’ Jack Salad Spoons!

Working in rush hours is rough to begin with, but having something fresh for dinner at 9 a.m. is tricky.  Turning to salads will be perfect for busy dinner. They are easy to make, quick to throw together, and always left you with a fresh burst of energy.

Wonderful greengreat salads are not hard to make.  It just requires you to handle the ingredients with truly care. Start with the freshest greens, then cut the leaves but keeps them in shape, wash them gently, dry them completely, and dress them simply.

Freshen up your salad with Jumpin’ Jacks! This Jumpin’ Jack’s is the ideal pair of salad serving spoons. Stand him on the table ready to serve, or stick him in the salad as you would with any serving spoons. Both options are guaranteed to bring smiles to the dinner table. Made of food grade plastic, it is available in White-Black-Red-Green colors of choice. So true that salad is not just a meal, it is a style. What a wonderful weird!

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