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Red Crime-Scene Trivet Takes Over Your Dining Table

Watch your steps! Turn on the sirens and clear the dining table! Your cooking time has come to an end. Let’s perform crime scene investigation. Give enough space on the dining table for a red crime scene. Does it sound scary? Don’t worry as it’s actually a red crime-scene silicone trivet. A hot and steamy pot is coming your way!

Got your own trivet? A traditional trivet is usually a small 3-legged metal tray to be placed on a dining table.  It is used to protect the table from hot food pots. Metallic designs can range from the purely functional to the ornate, although they all perform the same duty. But this red silicon trivet is perfectly designed as a crime-scene red chalk outline. You may apply it to protect your dining table from heat or water damage while you’re serving a hot pan or bowl.

Putting a crime scene on your dining table will add great fun and suspense drama to your dinning moment. It’s clever and interesting while also serves the intended purpose. It looks great in the kitchen and will definitely raise a laugh to those seeing it. What a wonderful weird!

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