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Erase Your Writing Mistakes & Boredom with Penball Eraser!

Anyone can become a writer, it’s true. But sometimes you’re going to get stuck and it could seem as if no amount of rewriting is going to fix your writing. If this truly happens, don’t wait for that sinking feeling to set in. Just take the Penball eraser for your writing relief.

Why Penball eraser? Thanks to Peleg Design who specializes in adding a fun new wow factor to the things we use every day. Their clever latest work is a line of little football player-shaped erasers they call Penball. It allows you to erase your mistakes and boredom all in one neat item.

The Penball erasers are fitted with a standard-size void, allowing you to slip them on easily onto any pencil or writing utensil, so a spirited game of desktop football is always just seconds away. They come in red and blue, so be sure to find a co-worker or fellow student to match up against. Measuring in at 7x2x1.5cm each, the Penball players are small in stature but big in fun and utility.

These Penballs are erasers that look like football players you can play with. With a little imagination, even the most mundane things can become quite exciting. Take this line of erasers, for example. ‘Penball’ is a set of pencil erasers made to look like miniature football players, much like the ones you see in football games.

Similar to other erasers, they can erase stuff. But throw in a ball of scrap paper, then you finally have a ball game! Let the Game Begin! They can jump, they can run, they can kick, but watch out! They can totally erase you out of the game! This set of red and blue football eraser, will make your writing, erasing and rewriting a playful task. Great gift any child or student would love to get. What a wonderful weird!

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