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Giraffe Measuring Tape: The Cutest Measuring Tape Ever.

What get measured, get managed. Everything is actually measurable. One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions. It's the first step that lead to control and eventually improvement. Do you need to accurately measure something? Add something nice to your measuring moment. Let’s have fun with this cute giraffe-look measuring tape.

This cute measuring tape is entitled the Miss Meter Giraffe measuring tape. It is designed by Idan Noyberg & Gal Bulka for OTOTO. As the most accurate giraffe in the savanna, Miss Meter Giraffe can tell you a precise distance from head to toe. The giraffe’s neck can stretch 2 meters or nearly 6.5 feet. It is perfectly functional just like a regular measuring tape, except a little cuter. 

This Miss Meter Giraffe is perfectly made of well-combined plastic material and spring steel. The measurement is accurate in both centimeters and inches on opposite sides. The measuring tape, when extended, will lock in place and release with pressure on its button on giraffe’s back. With its cute small size 8x3x15 cm, it could be a perfect accessory on your working desk.
When you’re done measuring, it’s still a plastic giraffe that you can send walking around the table, put in battle with other plastic animal toys, and display on your desk with other little toys. This adorable cute little giraffe will definitely raise a smile. But keep it in mind that the measure of love is when you love without measure. What a wonderful weird!

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