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Keep Your Food Fresh with Clipurse Bag Clips!

The ants are marching along your kitchen table searching for fresh food. It seems that they will have a great party time over a food source. Don’t let your cereals, flour, snack chips or sugar bag keep open. Don’t waste your time. Find something perfect to keep you food fresh and safe. Put them in a purse!

Yes, leave it to a set of colored Clipurse bag clips! This purse-shaped sealing clip will provides a sure seal for all types and sizes of bags and packages. It keeps your food closed & air tight for longer.  It will also add style to your pantry or freezer storage.

Made of a food-safe and strong durable plastic, each pack contains 2 different color of bag clips. Available in Red & White or Green & White colors choice. Each clip is totally reusable, tested to open and close up to one million times with no measurable wear. Perfectly ideal for sealing packets for freezer storage as well. This Clipurse bag clips will put the ants at a hopelessly place. Sorry Dude! What a wonderful weird! 

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