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Leave a Message on Morris Memo Holder!

Let every second count in your life. Even in a simple way of writing a memo on your working desk. Because a memo can have a great meaning behind it (Make Every Minute Outstanding). So, your memo should ideally be outstanding and bring attention to drive people excitingly read your message.

Start with a funny Morris memo holder, to make your message looks outstanding. Shaped like a cute donkey, this memo holder comes with a pad of note papers on its back. It stores your blank notes until you need them.  It can hold a pencil or a note paper in its mouth. This plastic memo holder is available in red, black, white or blue colors of choice.

Morris memo holder has everything you need to be well organized.  When you need to remember something, you simply pop it on a note and then stick it in Morris's mouth. It might be simple daily notes or a great inspiring ideas to fulfill.  Morris can remind you in his friendly way every time you walk past him.


But never let your Morris runs out of note papers! Just top it up with Morris Refilling. It contains 140 blank note papers to refill Morris memo holder when he runs low. Now, you’re good to go again. Keep on writing memos. What a wonderful weird!

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