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Lemon Slice Steam Releaser could be Your Next Kitchen Toys!

Add something nice to your cooking time. Sometimes... small thing may raise great fun in your kitchen. Not only it makes you want to cook more and more, it even helps improve your cooking.

One of small great fun you can have is the moment while you have to escape the steam from a hot pot.  Taking the lid off a hot pot away from your face should be taken carefully. Actually you only need to half open the lid to release the steam. You may just leave it to Slice – the steam releaser!

Yes, Slice – the steam releaser is a fresh way to keep the pot's lid a bit open so that the steam can release. This lemon slice-shapedsteam releaser is practical to use. Just place the silicone-made yellow Sliceon the edge of the pot and place the lid on it. That’s it as simple as that! It is very rare to find a product that is aesthetically pleasing, well designed and does the job perfectly.

It’s so fun to have Slice – the steam releaser in the kitchen. You can store it in a place you can see all the time while not cooking because it looks so fun. One of the coolest kitchen toys ever. What a wonderful weird!

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