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Let Charging Charlie Takes a Good Care of Your Charger Cable Lead!

Living in a world of digital gadget, you should never leave home without your smartphone charger. Smartphone batteries never seem to last as long as they need to, so having a charger on hand can keep your phone running and give you continued access. It’s truly a trusty companion for your smartphone.
Having problems finding the charger lead every time you take it out? Now a dedicated fireman but formerly a cable guy, Charlie is the man in charge. He will hold your smartphone charger cable during charging and will keep it in position and ready for action when you are out. So, you never have to fumble, bend over and bump your head. This Charging Charlie is available in 2 colors of choice: Red and Black.

Charging Charlie is resilient, reliable and will carry your smartphone while it charges. Not one for taking it lightly, Charging Charlie will also look after your charger cablewhile you are away, keeping your desk neat. Your cable is truly in good hands! What a wonderful weird!

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