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Mark Your Book Pages with Africa’s King of The River!

How long does it take you to read your favorite book? Well, reading book really takes time and you may fall asleep in the middle of it. Just leave it to a bookmark to follow you from page to page as you read. When you need to drop your book, the page in your book will be automatically marked.

Thanks to Peleg Design who specializes in adding a fun new wow factor to the things we use every day. The world of Peleg Design always revolves around three basic principles: functionality, aesthetics, and humor. Their genius latest work is a line of little crocodile & hippo-shaped bookmark they call Crocomark &Hippomark. 

Look out! Deep between your book pages lays a Crocomark. This Crocodile-shaped bookmark will silently wait for the right moment to draw you back into the story of your favorite book. While the Hippo-shaped bookmark gracefully swims through pages, and elegantly emerges from the plot. He will tell you exactly where the story stopped.

These bookmarks will be fun gifts and cool collections to share with book lovers. What a wonderful weird!

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