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Meet My Pepo – a Watermelon Slicer!

Hmm… it seems that summer time is loading. Every summer has its own story. And one of the most popular summer time fruits is the Watermelon. From its bright-colored flesh to its sweet-refreshing taste, this fruit is a summer essential. This cooling, sweet king of fruit is fresher, however, when you buy it whole and cut it yourself. But, do you know how to slice a watermelon nicely?

Made of plastic and stainless steel, this Pepo watermelon slicer will reduce the mess and increase the fun. Instead of slicing the melon into wide wedges that inevitably get juice all over your face and chin, cut the fruit in half, then slice it Pepo watermelon slicer. This kind of unique watermelon slicer will give you evenly sized slices. Each has a bit of rind at the bottom to act as a convenient handle, just look like a delectable looking ice pop. Truly irresistible!

A slice of watermelon is always refreshing and delicious, especially during the hot time of the year. This outrageous Pepo watermelon slicer easily creates healthy and totally natural ice pop–looked watermelon pieces without sugar, colorants and other additives. Enjoy your fresh watermelon slices without the mess and the hassle.

This inspiring practical mold of Pepo watermelon slicer from Monkey Business will surely raise a great fun for your kids. They will love having wonderful time with the ice pop stick design of every fresh watermelon slice. And tropical parties in your backyard will even be more pleasurable as your guests savor their slices in this artful, creative shape. For better serving suggestion, put those small watermelon “ice pops” in the freezer for a short while before serving them and they will be even more refreshing! What a wonderful weird!

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