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Nail It with Pinocchio Finger Saver!

Are you still finding a way driving nails with a hammer safely for simple home repair or woodworking project? A lot of men today are clueless when it comes to tools. You have selected the tools and materials that you need. You also keep your working area organized and free from clutters. But all the tips and techniques seem risky as your thumb is still vulnerably exposed to injury.  

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to banged thumbs! Stop wacking your thumbs by accident. Protect your hand with Nail It while hammering the nail on the wall or wooden material. What is it? Built around an absolutely brilliant idea, the Nail It is a Pinocchiopuppet-shapedfinger saver.  

How does it work? Just hold him against the wall and let the nail goes in between the ‘nose hole or crack’ of the tool! Look for a moment, Ha... ha... the Pinocchio puppet is having his long nail nose now. Hold him by the feet and let him get bang with your hammer safely!

The Nail It allows you to steady the nail and hold it in position while keeping your fingers out of harm’s way. It is suitable for most nail sizes. It is truly a perfect hand safety tool for the home owner, handyman hobbyist, professional handyman, and those DYI enthusiasts.

This Nail It definitely deserves a big thumb up. It’s quite an interesting experience you can get for hammering. It could also be the perfect gift for your innocent fingers. What a wonderful weird!

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