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Penneli Garlic Peeler – Cool Gift for Cool People!

Do you know that simple happiness is the flavor of frying garlic? Yup, that glorious chopped and frying garlic flavor really takes the center stage of cooking. But garlic skins can be rough on hands, and they are too small for a traditional peeler. Luckily there are Penneli Garlic Peeler to peel garlic quickly and keep a fast pace in the kitchen.

Made from durable silicone, this novelty Penneli Garlic Peeler is truly a fun yet perfectly functional kitchen accessory. Especially if you use garlic a lot in your cooking. It will allow you to quickly and easily peel garlic cloves, without the smell transferring to your hands. Oh, it sounds great, what more could you want?

Shaped like a giant penne pasta tube, all you have to do is simply rolling the garlic cloves in the tube to remove the skin. It peels off the garlic cloves with only a few presses and truly saves much time! I bet that you won’t expect too much at the first glance and you’ll be totally amazed at how well it works. No more smelly fingers, no more cut thumbs, no more bits of garlic launched at the wall in frustration just perfectly peeled greatness. What a wonderful weird!

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