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Sharpen Your Writing with Geppeto’s Pencil Sharpener!

Mastro Geppeto, a fictional character of an elderly, impoverished woodcarver and the creator of Pinocchio always comes with inspiring designs that raise a smile. Long nose or short nose, Geppeto know well how to design a pencil sharpener that is cute and has real character. Geppeto’s pencil sharpener is a gift pack with pencil included.


The Geppeto’s pencil sharpener may not become a real boy like Pinocchio. But it’s surely a handy desktop companion. This cute hand-painted tool puts your pencil in place of Pinocchio's nose. You only need to give it a twist to sharpen up. It’s like a ball that screws together and catches the shavings inside, just to avoid making a mess.


It will surely be a great gift for stationary lovers. It fits all standard pencils. Long are the days of laborious blunt pencils. You’ll be scribbling away just to use your Geppeto’s. Look at the funny side of it. Oh, he’s so adorable to own. What a wonderful weird!

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