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Meow! Spice up Your Mealtime with Cat Butt.

The art of seasoning is about improving the flavor of your food. Salt and pepper are great companions and might be the most important seasoning to ignore. So, salt and pepper shakers are a must-have kitchen accessories. Just a little salt and pepper might add something nice to spice up your hectic day.
Meaow! These frisky felines want to spice up your mealtime in a rather unconventional way! Just look at their cute butts ready to shake on your sizzling steak. Fun and functional salt and pepper shaker set, where the condiments come out of the cat's rear-end. These adorable little kitties look innocent enough. What could be more appetizing that sprinkling some kitty’s butt crusties onto your meal?
This glazed ceramic sweet little set comes with one black cat for your pepper and one white cat for your salt. It has rubber plug in each shaker for easy refill. You can stare at this pretty kitty's butts all day long. They're just too cute to care.

Just imagine your dinner guest’s delight and laughter as these shakers butt treat their meal! Your friends will surely think you are a bit insane when you hand them one of these guys when they ask you to pass the salt. These salt & pepper shaker butts will be hilarious gag gifts for cat lovers. What a wonderful weird!

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