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Sport Huevos: Egg Shapers for Sport Lovers!

Why egg? Because egg is a simple, everyday food in the planet. Boiled egg can be a healthy easy fun food for sport lovers. Whether you are football fans watching UEFA Euro 2016, tennis lovers watching Grand Slam tournaments, or Golf enthusiasts watching a live-streaming PGA Master, having SportHuevos can add something nice to your healthy fun eating. 

Uniquely made of food grade plastic, Sport Huevos enables you to play and enjoy your own balled-egg like a pro. It will help you mastering the art of shaping egg into your most desired favorite ball: football, tennis or golf.  Follow the easy instructions to create hard balled eggs. Just boil an egg, peel off the shell and pop it in the Sports Huevos egg shaper of your choice. Put the ball into cold water and leave for a few minutes for the mold to make a great molding impression. And voila! There you have them: hard balled eggs. The eggs look absolutely unstoppable to eat.

Molding your boring hard-boiled eggs into an edible football-tennis-golf ball will raise a smile with the sports fans in your life. What a great food carver for sport lovers. This Sport Huevos will also become great fun for a personalized Father-Son football lover breakfast. Well, it seems that cooking eggs can be a serious art form and fun sport as well. What a wonderful weird! 

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