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Sumo Wrestler Egg Cups: an egg-cellent way to start the day!

Imagine two overweight men are trying hard to shove each other out of a ring. They are both wearing a Red & Black Mawashi or loincloth belt. But the ring or Dohyo is actually your breakfast table. Does it look exciting? So, never skip your breakfast from now on.

Those overweight men are actually Sumo Wrestler EggCup Holders. The cute egg cups are served to hold your boiled eggs on the table. With this pair of red and black Sumo egg holders, you can start a little-but-tasty food fight of your own. Just push your opponent or grab his belt and force him out of the ring. But remember, the winner breaks it all!

These Sumo Wrestler Egg Cups are safe to be put in the dishwasher. They are extremely cute and everyone will get a kick out of them. They do require an extra-large egg, though, as anything smaller will look as if "swimming" in the sumo legs. It will surely raise a laugh at your breakfast table. What a wonderful weird!

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