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Be Like MacGyver with MTA Hairclip series!

Do you still remember MacGyver, one of the most worldwide popular American action-adventure television series ever? Played by Richard Dean Anderson, MacGyver is described as a top agent from fictional Phoenix Foundation who never carries a gun. Resourceful and possessed of an encyclopedic knowledge of physical science, he solves complex problem by making things out of ordinary objects around him. Sometimes with only little more than just a paper clip and duct tape in his pocket, along with his ever-present Swiss Army knife. This genius humble hero character has taught us that impossible is really  nothing. And now, you can be like him with this MTA Hairclip series.  Got curious?

Previously known as Clippa, this outrageous MTA Hairclip is actually more than just an ordinary hair clip! It can perfectly be what you really want it to be: bottleopener, scraper, wrench, trolley coin, ruler, screwdriver, nail file, box opener, or serrated knife. All of these multi functions are combined into this tiny hair clip! It’s truly a mighty stainless steel tiny tool that comes in a dimensions of 12.5x7.3x2.1 cm. Just own one and you’ll understand.


This awesome MTA Hairclip multi-tool comes into your daily life. Granted you’re not going to be rebuilding engines or fighting off wild lions with this little multi-tool, it can still be pretty handy. For an emergency backup, it should do the trick. It’s available in Clippa series: Original MTA Hairclip, MTA Hairclip Lady and MTA Hairclip Blackfin. It will obviously be a great gift for your beloved one. What a wonderful weird!


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