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Forget Flowers! Say It with Gifted Ribbon Bands!

Everyday is truly a special day. Never wait giving a gift to your special one. A neatly wrapped gift will make you look talented and your gift looks more carefully chosen for the special one.  But wrapping a gift perfectly may take a lot of time and creative skill of folding & cutting. Get a simple way to make a good impression with just a Gifted Ribbon Band!

Yes, today a ribbon is worth a thousand words. This flexible silicone Gifted Ribbon Band is actually the most crucial part of gift wrapping. It can even transform any simple thing into a special gift. Just pick a gift of your own choice, wrap your gift with wrapping paper or simply place this ribbon band directly onto the gift and watch it becomes fully “gifted” spontaneously. It is perfectly easy to use it directly or add decorative impression to your traditional gift wrapping. It wraps your gift instantly and impressively. It makes everything presentable as a gift.

Every pack of this stretchable Gifted Ribbon Band includes 10 ribbon bands in 2 sizes: 5pcs x 5 cm & 5pcs x 8 cm. It lets you fill your day with simple gifts to your specialone. Be creative not only with the gifts you choose but also with how you pack them in a simple yet impressive way. As the greatest gift is not found in the store but in the hearts of the giver, let the Gifted Ribbon Band be the spoke person of your heart. What a wonderful weird!



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