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Happy Hug Day with a Hug Doug Spoon Saver!

Sometimes a hug is all you need to make you feel better. Because a hug makes everything better than 1000 words. Even a soup or sauce spoon also needs a hug to make it feels saver. Yup, truly saver from unpredictable drowning into your hot pan. Therefore, it’s time to give a warm hug to your lonely soup spoon with a Hug Doug – The SpoonSaver

If you are very protective of your kitchen utensils, you have to make sure that they don't disappear into the soup.  This Hug Doug – The Spoon Saver will be a helpful companion around the kitchen.  Wrap it around your soup or sauce spoon to stop it falling into the pan.  Instead of having to take the spoon out and lay it down somewhere, you just hook it on the saucepan ready for use. It’s truly a practical way to hold the spoon into the saucepan. Not only it fits most kitchen utensils, it also keeps your kitchen surface clean while it’s lying around. 

This lovable Hug Doug - Spoon Saver is made of durable silicone, easy to clean and store. When this cute red little fella has had enough show time of pot pole vaulting on the side of your saucepan, you can gently lay him on his back to become a spoon rest. A hug a day keeps the kitchen mess away. This Hug Doug – Spoon Saver is truly the perfect gift… one size fits all. Happy hug day! What a wonderful weird!

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