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Treat a Special Someone to Delicious Healthy Blossom Floral Fruit Picks

Healthy fresh eating is undoubtedly on the rise in years to come. Add charm to your healthy fresh eating with a bit of beautiful and natural fruits arrangement. Fresh fruit arrangements are quickly becoming the future of flowering. Just imagine of having beautiful blooms of fresh fruit arrangements for all occasions.


Create beautiful and colorful flower arrangements with Blossom floral fruit picks. Be creative with your finger food likes cherries, tomatoes, mushrooms,strawberries, or even chocolate ball. Pick your own favorite fruits and stick them on the tip of these Blossom floral fruit picks. Arrange a couple of these Blossoms into a glass just like a floral bouquet. A pack of Blossom consist of 12 plastic fruit picks with 2 green shades. It comes with a dimension of 5x5x15.5 cm.



Accent your dining table with this beautiful arrangement of Blossom floral fruit picks. It will surely be a great fresh bouquet on your dining table for a romantic dinner or even a party centerpiece. It is truly a simple way to make a custom-made, personalized, and edible fresh fruit bouquet arrangement. What a wonderful weird!

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