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Turn Your Nose into Something Wild with Pick Your Nose™ Party Animal Cups!

People do always move forward! Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid of standing still. If we’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward us with a new hello. By moving forward, we are not only letting things happen but most of all, making things happen. It also takes us to the next level of life experience.

We can take people to next level of experience by small thing just like this paperboard drinking cup: Pick Your Nose™ Party Animals. By combining great creativity and a sense of humor, the design team at Fred & Friends know well how to put out some of the most creative products on the market with great fun. This Pick Your Nose™ Party Animals certainly looks clever and quirky to have for a wild fun party. 

Calling all party animals! If you are looking around for animal themed party accessories, these Pick Your Nose™ Party Animals paper cups will be your great choice. These are the perfect beverage cups to let you express your inner beast! Drinking from these super fun cups will turn your nose into something wild! The nose of wild animal of your choice. Most of all, these party drinking cups will give your guests a real fun adventure with their noses.

The cups feature an assortment of 6 assorted different animal styles of noses including a zebra, toucan and great white shark among others. The double coated cups hold 9 ounces of your favorite beverage, and come packaged in a set of 24 perfect for throwing a party. These Pick Your Nose™ Party Animals paper cups are perfectly sized for both kids and adults to have fun with their noses. Grrrr… let party animals come out of the woods for a roaring good time. What a super wonderful weird fun time!

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