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Let This Nice Butt Station Brighten Up Your Personal Desk Space!

A desk is a dangerous place from which to watch the world. A cluttered desk is actually not a sign of a cluttered mind. If your desk isn’t cluttered, your probably aren’t doing your job. But you never know what you have there until you clean your desk to find something you really need. And missing something at your own cluttered desk truly takes time. Do you want to get your desk clean and see the wood on it again? Have a butt to organize your desk. 

A butt on your desk? Why not? You will not find the awkward moment when your hand touches this butt by accident. It’s actually the Butt Station. It integrates Tape Dispenser (instead of toilet roll), Pen Holder, Memo Pad Holder, and Paperclips Storage hidden in the toilet bowl. This piece of multi-tasking stationary is a cute and fun desk accessory for office, home or school. It comes in four different colors. It adds a little character to your work space and brighten up your day with the quirky and hilarious toilet station! Most of all, it helps your desk fully free from clutter. 

If you’ve been on the hunt for some cool office supplies, this Butt Station can be your next hunt. It is not very often that a product manage to straddle the line between hilarious, useful and unexpectedly creative. It’s a great conversation starter for endless smiles and laughs. It is perfect for anyone with a great sense of humor. This toilet humor is so tactile that everyone wants to touch the butt. It’s also a great gift for employee appreciation, gag gift, or promotional giveaway.

You want a clean desk. The Butt Station is your all-in-one solution. It is a really interesting way to keep all of your commonly used desk supplies well-organized. The arrival of this space-saving desk stationary will make more empty space on your desk. It’s truly a good gimmick to have on your desk. Hopefully your day will be as nice as this butt...station. What a wonderful weird!

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