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Bring the Ocean Fun to Your Kitchen with Shark Paring Knife!

The kitchen life is seasoned with love and fun. It's the heart of a place called a home. It's a great place to start the day. But a kitchen without a knife is not truly a kitchen. Even Japanese chefs believe that their soul goes into their knives once they start using them. That’s why a sharp knife is a chef’s best friend and life is too short to carry a dull knife. So, always keep your knife sharpened like the scary ocean predator shark’s teeth.

But now the shark has left the ocean for the kitchen. Sadly to say, the kitchen is not our territory anymore. The shark turns into a Shark paring knife. This whimsical paring knife takes the shape of a shark, complete with an eye and mouth design on the pointed, shark-tooth-sharp, stainless-steel blade. A soft-grip, non-slip black-and-white handle fluidly forms the rest of the shark's body, minus the upright fin. Its ergonomic design truly offers a great feel in the hand while its durable stainless steel blade guarantee a great cut. Measuring 9 inches in overall length, the knife cuts up fruit and vegetables with ease. After using it, the knife is best washed by hand.

What kind of knife is exactly a paring knife? It’s the expert of the knife family. With its smaller blade, this looks like a miniature of chef’s knife. This kind of knife is great for paring or peeling fruits and vegetables, slicing a single garlic clove, detailed cutting shapes or vents into dough, and scoring patterns on surfaces of food. It is most suitable for any cutting job that requires precise and delicate work, like removing the ribs from a jalapeno or scoring an apple. The small handle of this paring knife gives you maximum control over the tip and the edge of the blade. You can cut with the paring knife while holding it aloft, as though it is an extension of your hand.

Boston Warehouse has created fun in the kitchen with their new Animal House products. The basic kitchen tools for everyday usage are created for complicated cooking with a grin. The Shark paring knife ensures the job well done with satisfied smile covering his face. This Shark shaped paring knife adds something new to your knives collection. Good food and a warm kitchen are what makes a house a home. Happiness is truly home-made. What a wonderful weird!  

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