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Enjoy Your Morning Breeze with a Poop Mug of Hot Coffee!

Feel the glory of morning coffee. The best about waking up in the morning is knowing that… you have a cup of hot coffee to enjoy. Every good day starts with a cup of coffee. Nothing makes sense before coffee. A cup of coffee awakens your positive spirit and improves your day. That’s why one positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. Everything gets better with a cup of coffee. Happiness is truly the smell of early morning coffee.

Drink first, think later. It’s definitely a wise advice when you enjoy your morning coffee with this Poop-like Mug. The ceramic coffee mug is designed humorously by BigMouth Inc. It takes the perfect look of a poop. Even the the choice of brown color truly add the similarity. The words printed on the mug say “Coffee Makes Me Poop.” What great wise words from a coffee mug! Never mind. Just enjoy your coffee and forget anything else. Makes your morning coffee time extra fun with this weird coffee mug. After all, hand wash highly recommended.

The coffee mug proves that imagination can go creatively beyond the logical thinking. It’s an assortment of smart humorous product design targeting practical jokes of all ages. The mug design might be inspired by the fact that some people experience laxative effect from coffee. The caffeine of coffee perfectly explains the responsive relationship between coffee and poop. It’s like a ticking time bomb ready to blast in our colon. Is that why the Starbucks bathroom always long wait line?  

Share the joy of this Poop-like coffee mug with your friends as a gag gift. Everyone will surely get a laugh out of this hilarious coffee mug. It’s truly a great gift for coffee enthusiasts as it also comes in colorful gift box. Never skip the coffee time. Magical things do happen with a mug of coffee. Keep calm and enjoy your coffee. What a wonderful weird!

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