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Stick Your Battle Memos with Medieval Weapon Pushpins!

From here begins the battle. Refuse to lose. Refuse to be defeated. Refuse to have regrets. The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. But sometimes we need to lose the small battles in order to win the war. And these all need the courage. It takes courage to believe that the best is yet to come. The courage is not merely the absence of fear but it is the ability to act in the presence of fear. Because the courage in danger is actually half the battle. So, get ready for the battle and let the courage be your deadly weapon.

Any tool is actually a great weapon if you hold it right. Imagination can be the greatest weapon in the war against reality. The soul on fire can be the most powerful weapon on earth. Silence may turn into the ultimate weapon of power. Even love can be your perfect weapon. Whatever weapon you have, forgive your enemies but never forget their names. Every name has its own story. Stick their names perfectly on your battle memos with these Medieval Weapon Pushpins from Nuop Design.

The push pins or thumbtacks are used widely in the office across the world to stick important memos or pictures on a pinboard. The design styles are creatively developed from time to time, including these Medieval Weapon Pushpins. Each set comes with 2 each of five styles. The unique design of these push pins remind us of the Medieval Knights’ weapons such as the Sabre, Single Handed, Broadsword, Katana and Axe. The push pins measure approximately 1 inch long, not including the pin itself. These push pins look totally fun and quirky to spice up your office.

These Medieval Weapon Pushpins will add some urgency to your messages. Let’s say you have pinned a message to your coworker’s pinboard with a medieval axe pushpin. Your message will surely get a quick notice. You do not need to end your notes with “Your Quick Action Required” any more. It will be perfectly implied by the Axe pushpin. Give your pinboard a taste of macabre style, either at home or in the office, with these Medieval Weapon Pushpins. Be the strange you wish to see in the world through your pinboard. There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion. What a wonderful weird!

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