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Be a Rock-Star with These Drumstick Pencils!

Got a pencil? A pencil in need, a pencil in deed. The choice of pencils can be very personal as it depends on your personal needs. How sturdy is the construction? Does it have a comfortable, soft grip? Does it have a built-in eraser? And still more questions to answer. That’s why some people even take pride in handcrafting quality pencil hoping to create the best pencil ever, even though this atomic structure of carbon is meant to be a simple writing tool. This humble pencil is a seemingly mundane but enormously influential tool of human communication. Even more, a pencil and a dream can take you anywhere… fulfilling your long hidden dreams.

Yup! Take a close look at these cool new Drumstick Pencils. These kind of pencils fulfill the rock star dreams of everyone. The children and adults who can't seem to stop themselves from performing drum solos on their desks every single time they pick up a writing tool. These pencils are comfortable to hold and made from real perfectly formed drumsticks. The pencils come in a pair and deliver a much better beat than most standard pencils. If you act like a rock star, you will be treated like one. Perhaps, it’s true what the rock legend Mick Jagger has said that those who lose their dreams will lose their mind. It’s never too late to be a rock star with these Drumstick Pencils.

Whatever you’ll do with these Drumstick Pencils, they still hold the philosophies of a pencil. Do you know that a pencil can teach us at least three philosophical things? First, leave a mark on everything you do. Secondly, be not afraid of pain as it always sharpens you. Finally, it’s what inside that counts. That’s why the best part of us is what’s inside your heart. So, believe in yourself! Do you want to be a professional drummer, an amateur tapper or a song writer? Let the beats of these Drumstick Pencils lead you the way.

But remember that no one is perfect. That’s why ordinary pencils have erasers. If you can’t be a pencil to write someone’s happiness, then try to be a nice eraser to remove someone’s sadness. If you can’t write a happy song, at least you can cheer someone up when the world is getting her/him down with the beats of your Drumstick Pencils. At least, they are quieter and cheaper than a full sized drum sets. What a wonderful weird!

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