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Have a Playful Cooking Time with Cooking Blocks Lego Utensils!

Lego blocks and cooking are both playful. They both teach us that just because we are using the same tools doesn’t mean we’ll end up with the same result. They both also require endless passion and creativity. They both encourage us that creativity is intelligence inventing, experimenting, taking risks, making mistakes and having great fun at the same time. That’s why instead of sticking to solid rules, they rely fully on imagination.

Let’s play our imagination in the kitchen with Cooking Blocks Lego utensils created by DOIY design. Each unique set of these cooking utensils includes spatula, ladle, and pasta drainer equipped with Lego blocks on theirs holder parts. The plastic material is soft and very easy to hold. We can easily stack together those three cooking utensils while we’re done cooking our delectable dinner food. We can also hang these cooking utensils up on a building blocks wall mounted handle. This way will keep them on their place whenever we need one of them again. Most of all, it keeps the Lego spirit alive in our kitchen.

The style of these Cooking Blocks Lego Utensils look truly fantastic and eye-catching on our kitchen. As each utensil handle featuring a different color of Lego block, it adds a bit of playful color to our kitchen style. Combining the fun of building blocks and cooking really takes playful imagination. Each product crafted by DOIY design always brings creativity, surprise, passion and excitement. This product encourage us to never let the fun of playing Lego gone too soon like our childhood. What a wonderful weird!

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