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Start An Underwater Journey to the Bottom of Tea Cup with TeaSub

Don’t you know it’s tea time? There’s always time for tea whether held indoor or outdoor. Never be late for tea time. Having a cup of tea is always a good idea. A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds. A cup of tea makes everything better as tea is believed to be related to relaxation and nature. A cup of tea is a drink which relieves thirst and dissipate sorrow. 

Most of modern people love instant way of having tea. They tend to use tea bags if they want to have a cup of tea on the run. This small porous bag contains tiny-sliced and dried tea leaves or powdered tea. But life is like a cup of tea. It’s all in how you make it. The process of making it does matter. If you’re a true tea lover and you really want to enjoy the good stuff, then it must be loose tea leaf or nothing.

Your loose tea leaf will need this yellow TEASUB Tea Infuser. This silicone-made tea infuser comes in the form of cute yellow submarine. Simply crack open the front part of this submarine and pour in your loose tea leaves. Put this TEASUB Tea Infuser into your tea cup and pour in the hot water. This yellow submarine will take your loose tea leaves on a magical mystery journey into the bottom of your cup. Its windows are filled with many holes so that the hot water can come in and infuse with your tea leaves. This TEASUB Tea Infuser creates the perfect infusion of your favorite brew, yet keep the tea leaves for ever leaving the submarine body.

No matter what heavy life you are in, take a little time for a cup of tea. You can’t buy happiness but you can surely buy tea and that’s kind of the same thing. Happiness is truly a cup of tea. Let it slow you down in a hectic modern world that doesn’t allow you to slow down for a moment. It gives you time to compose yourself and achieve a little poise in a world full of haste and worries. What a wonderful weird!

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