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Clip Your New Year’s Resolution with Animal Series Paper Clips!

New year is coming! New year is promising. Cheers to a coming new year as it offers another chance for us to make it right. Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, any one can surely start from now and make a brand new ending. Everyone has his/her own new year’s resolution to be more awesome than the passing year. A new year’s resolution to start a single step ahead. It’s because a journey of thousand miles in the coming year must begin with a single step. So, talking about new year’s resolution, what is yours?

Start writing your own new year’s resolutions on blank papers. Perhaps you have more than one. Keep your new year’s resolution papers together with paper clip. Yes, the paper clip! It’s the staple for people with commitment issue. It’s the tiny tool to keep you reminded with lots of fun and hope. Thank to imagination and innovation which enable you to have every novelty paper clip you could ever want. 

Celebrate the coming new year, celebrate the nature. Lovers of animal will enjoy having these animal series of paper clips! These paper clips set come in the form of cute Cat, Shark, Penguin and Squirrel. 

# Cat-themed paper clips bring some of the elegance or whimsy of cats to your new year’s resolution. The description of these pet cat-themed paper clips proclaims, “Wrangling paperwork is like herding cats.” Adorably, they come in a silicone case that looks perfectly like a can of cat food. 

# Your new year’s resolution should be like Shark. It has to be constantly moving. These bright blue Shark paper clips come with a magnetic stand to keep them at hand (and your desk clear) – it’s like resembling an office feeding frenzy. These Shark paper clips also encourage you to let your faith be bigger than your fear!

# These silver paper fasteners are more adorable than your average paper clips. They cleverly use the traditional paper clip shape as the Penguin's wing. Just chill-in like a penguin and let your new year’s resolution sparkling through out the coming year!

# Give your papers of new year’s resolution list some woodland charm with these squirrel paper clips. The adorable boxes hold 30 squirrels each, so you can really get nutty. 

The new year stands before us like a fresh exciting chapter in a book. What will you write in the next chapter is actually up to you. Now that you have all these cute fun animal paper clips, energize your written new year’s resolution to spark in the coming year. Make this coming year your best year ever. What a wonderful weird! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year 2017!

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