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Makes Your Eating More Fun with Spread Heads: Marvin, Charlie & Count Dracula Bottle Caps

Eating is always exciting. Eat to nourish your body. Eat to live, not live to eat. Whatever eating means to you, just keep calm and eat well. Sometimes while eating, you need to balance the flavor of your favorite food with good condiments of your choice. It could be a little bit of mustard, tomato or chilli ketchup. That’s why those kind of condiment bottles should be placed within your reach.  So that you can easily grab and squeeze the bottle to let the condiment drip out of its cap.

Try putting these Spread Heads as your bottle caps. They have cute nicknames: Mustard Marvin, Ketchup Charlie and Count Ketchup, They all really make eating more fun! Take a look at this green Mustard Marvin. It dispenses mustard through Marvin’s mouth. This Mustard Marvin will transform your ordinary mustard bottle into an instant toy. Whether you love mustard or not, this Mustard Marvin will make mustard more fun.

Meanwhile, this yellow Ketchup Charlie can bleed ketchup through his nose. But don’t worry, he won’t cry out loud! What about this Count Ketchup? It is a vampire born to transform an ordinary bottle of ketchup into instant great fun. Simply replace the ketchup cap with this twisted head and squeeze. Ketchup will drip from its fangs like it just finished dinner. Not to mention, ketchup gives whatever you humans put in your mouth an extra bite! To keep the Spread Heads clean, just throw them in the dishwasher.

These Spread Heads truly make the perfect gifts. They also fit most standard condiment bottles. Just twist and squeeze, then it spread more flavor of yummy! Savor the flavor of eating with this kind of Spread Heads. You got the style, you got the flavor. To keep your condiments fresh and to prevent contamination, use your original cap for storage. What a wonderful weird!

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