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Enjoy Snowflakes the Whole Year with a Snow Globe Sugar Bowl!

Look out your window and see that snowflakes are coming! They are one nature’s most fragile things. Some people says that they are kisses from heaven or winter’s butterflies. That’s why many white lips or pale faces love breathing in snowflakes. Keep calm and enjoy cold days! This winter’s memories gather and dance, each beautiful and unique, but gone too soon. So, when the days are getting colder, have a warm heart. Because warm heart may heat up those cold days. Warm heart makes a winter taste a little sweeter, just like sugar.

Yes, sugar may add something nice to your days. Bring the joyful of snowflakes falling on your kitchen shelf with Sugar House™ – a snow globe sugar bowl. Just like a fairy tale scene, this sugar bowl has a tall white house inside. While filling sweet granules of white sugar inside the bowl, the house looks like surrounded by glittering of white snowflakes. You can sit and stare at this sugar house all day long and wonder what kind of tiny sugary people live inside. This dazzling Sugar House™ enables you to enjoy snowflakes sensation the whole year!
Made of high quality clear plastic, this awesome product of Peleg Design perfectly combines functionality and aesthetic to store your sugar. It looks adorable to get rid of tiny creepy ants’ invasion. Make this blizzard of bliss a special gift to your kitchen item collections. It is also truly a great way to make your tea time or coffee break much sweeter.  What a wonderful weird!

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