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Enjoy Your Morning Bread with Star Wars Toaster!

“All sorrows are less with bread,” said Miguel de Cervantes in his masterpiece novel entitled Don Quixote. He was widely regarded as the greatest writer in Spanish language. Even a Scottish Gaelic proverb said that a table without bread is not a table, but bread is a table on its own. Perhaps happiness is truly the smell of freshly toasted bread in the morning. And it takes two items to cherish the morning glory, a slice of bread and a toaster. The last item looks like a tanning bed for the bread. Ha ha ha… just keep calm and toast the bread.
Star Wars toaster - Dart Vader & Stormtrooper
May the toast be with you! Cherish your morning breakfast with a slice of bread toasted in Star Wars toasters. The Star Wars toasters come in two different versions. There’s an iconic villain of Dart Vader toaster and Stormtrooper toaster, both of which toast the logo of Star Wars into the center of the bread. This compact two-slice toaster is equipped with adjustable thermostat, cool-touch housing reheat, defrost and automatic/manual switch-off, including removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. Measuring a hefty 12” x 10.7” x 8.4” and weighing in at 4.1 lbs. this toaster truly combines mystery and menace. It seems like helping you finish your wonderful breakfast and set you ready to take over the planet.
May The Toast Be with You!

This awesome design of toaster will surely impress all of Star Wars geeks. Molded in sturdy plastic and meticulously detailed, these Star Wars toasters are a must-have and perfect gift for any Star Wars lover. If you are a true enthusiast of Star Wars sci-fi movie, add these toasters shaped as Darth Vader helmet & Stormtrooper helmet to your Star Wars collections as well as kitchen displays. These Star Wars toasters have all the little features you would perfectly expect from a collector’s item. The Star Wars themed item is undoubtedly among the most recognizable brands on earth.

Pop some breads into these cool toaster. Remember, the bread without pit! Once you’ve tried it, your breakfast moment wouldn’t be the same without it. But keep in mind, while earning your daily bread, be sure you share a slice. That’s a real happiness to share. What a wonderful weird!

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