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Enjoy Your Morning Brew with a Toilet Mug

Toilet and coffee are both my best friends to cherish the morning. Toilet and coffee, both are always exciting and surely relaxing. Toilet is the only place in the morning sacred from interruption. Perhaps that’s what makes me have some best thoughts on the toilet. Meanwhile, hot coffee always smells like freshly ground of heaven. Both of them won’t solve all of my problems but they surely can make me feel better. But what happen if toilet and coffee finally collide into a weird toilet mug?
Perfectly features a toilet shape, this ceramic Toilet Coffee mug is perfect for your favorite coffee drink. The handle is placed at the bottom of the tank so that you can comfortably enjoy your coffee drink. It will surely raise an odd feeling or even a great sensation of slurping hot coffee directly from your toilet. It taste really good to the last drop. If you fancy imitate canine slurping from weird stuff, then this toilet mug should belong to you. Drinking your favorite hot coffee from this hilarious Toilet Coffee mug will surely get you more than just a glance. This amusing coffee mug is a surefire conversation starter that will leave them flushed with great laughter. 
Toilet Coffee mug is a great gag gift for potty-mouth or coffee drinker. It is also perfect for a candy bowl or delectable ice cream cup on your desk. It’s the only unisex toilet available where you do not have to flush it. But, just like another toilet rules, hand wash is highly recommended. What a wonderful weird!

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